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St Louis Florist Testimonial Video – Always In Bloom

St Louis Florist Always In Bloom had me come out to get video from some of their satisfied wedding clients. Here’s what they had to say:

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Children’s Hospital Promo Video – Joe Buck Class...

Children’s Hospital, Joe Buck, and Troy Aikman. I still can’t believe I got the chance to do this video! What a great cause too. I didn’t realize how lucky we are in St Louis to have the Joe Buck Imaging Center doing some pretty cutting edge stuff. Thank you Children’s Hospital.

Kennedy Yanko At The Paragon

The brand new Paragon event space in St Louis wanted a video for an event where rising artist Kennedy Yanko was showcasing some of her best work. Check out this promotional video I put together for them.

“I Am The Mane Attraction” Commercial

The Mane Attraction Hair Salon And Boutique brought me out to do a 30-second commercial. I couldn’t believe we pulled this off, but from filming to air-date was less than a week. Crazy!

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Belleville IL Real Estate Video – 913 East Main St

Belleville IL historic home for sale by realtor Megan Sturgeon. Lot sof character, brick, plenty of room.

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St Louis Business Video Testimonials – Hoyt Photograph...

I recently filmed a business video for Alecia Hoyt Photography based out of St Louis. This video is a powerful tool that she’s planning to use on her new website. Not only is this a convincing video for customers, it also helps establish why her existing customers love her. For Alecia, it came out in all 3 interviews – her clients feel like they’re out having a good time, and she just happens to take some pictures. Obviously Alecia has managed to tap in on putting relationships first. It’s always good to know what your customers are thinking.

For more information, and to see more of her work, visit Alecia’s website at

Belleville IL Home For Sale – Realtor Megan Sturgeon

Belleville IL home for sale by realtor Megan Sturgeon. Quiet neighborhood. Plenty of room with a huge basement.

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Fairview Heights IL Promotional Video – Beth Baughan F...

Beth Baughan was really putting her Boot Camp Challenge girls to work when I met up with her in Fairview Heights to do her promo video. In fact, doing the video, I got a pretty good workout myself. They’re moving quick!

I shot the video late last week, and Beth already has the video on her website – She’s also going to be posting the video on Facebook to help promote her Boot Camp Challenge group workouts.

This is a great example of how much I can cram into a basic level promotional video

For more inforation on Beth Baughan’s fitness training, visit her website at

Video Marketing – Your Brand Is At Stake

Photo Credit: iStockPhoto

I recently watched a video where a video marketing expert was down-playing the importance of brand in video marketing. He was suggesting that people are looking for more real conversations. I think I understand where he’s coming from, but it seems like we’ve got completely different ideas on what branding really is.

Your Brand Is Your Message
If you think your brand is defined by your graphic artist, you need to take some time to stop and look at the bigger picture. Absolutely, your colors and shapes that make up your marketing materials are part of your brand, but the concept for who your company is should not originate in Photoshop. It’s about the unique value that you bring to the table as a business. It’s what you stand for, and it’s who you’re marketing to. You are your brand.

Creating Videos To Build Your Brand
Whether you like it or not, every video you create and publish has an impact on how consumers perceive your business. The point here is not to make sure you pay at least $10K per video to make sure you look the best you possibly can. The real goal is to make sure that every video you create sends the right message. What emotions does your brand represent? Who is your brand built around? Does the concept for the video fit in the bigger brand picture? Each video you put out there is sending a message. You just have to make sure the message is the one you intended.

Using Customer Videos To Support Your Brand
Before I start talking about using customer videos, I want to be clear that I’m not an expert here. These are just some of the thoughts I have from the video marketing prospective. There is no way to completely control the video content your customers are putting on their websites or YouTube about your products or services. If you’re proactive though, you CAN steer your customers into creating content that reinforces your message. You can tell your customers the kinds of content you’re looking for, or even better, you can show them a sample. Find the customer videos that are closest to what you were looking for and promote those videos. Be selective with what messages you let your client videos tell, and you’ll be reinforcing the branding you’re wanting your customers to get.

Wrapping It Up
If you’re doing video marketing, you can’t ignore how it will impact your brand. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that video is so widespread that people are just looking for casual conversation. Center the conversation around the message that you’re wanting the customers to get or you’ll have wasted your chance to use video in shaping your business in consumers’ minds.

Music Video Contest

Larissa and I both worked on the concept and shooting for a nationwide music video contest. The high school kids really stepped up to the plate to make this video amazing! Plus we had outstanding participation from some of our local businesses who went over and above helping us with various portions of the video. They’re also mentioned in the video, but it’s nice to give link love too:

Champaign and Lace Bridal Shop – formalwear
Kelly’s Limousine – limo for “prom appearance”
Hair On Main – girls hair and nails
Grimm & Gorly Florist – flowers
Regency Conference Center – venue for “prom appearance”
Lady Antebellum – contest and release to use their music in the video