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Getting Ripped while Boxing

get ripped boxingBoxing is a great way to get in shape. It is a high intensity workout which burns a lot of calories and is great for building muscles.

Unlike traditional workouts, boxing utilizes a lot of different muscle groups at once.

Throwing punches doesn’t involve just your arms and hands, it involves your arms, core, and legs, with most of the power coming from your lower body.

This is why it is crucial to improve your leg strength.

If you are looking to get into boxing, there are a lot of gyms across the country that you can join, or you can buy the best punching bag for home and get ripped doing it.

There are a lot of good workouts online that you can learn from, the one I like to recommend is the one on Mens Fitness, you can check it out here.

Why Does Boxing get your Ripped Faster


So why does boxing work so much better than regular workouts? Well for one, regular workouts become very routine and very dull, quick.

Your body starts developing muscle memory, although muscle memory is good lifting weights and long distance running. It makes your body to used to the same thing.

What boxing does is it keeps your mind and body guessing and reacting to different things all the time. You are not able to know what punches come at you, so you must be ready for anything and everything.

Boxing is very different in each workout, sure there are specific drills you can practice each time to get the right form or right stance, but each time you get into the ring you will be faced with a new task and new opponent.

As a boxer you want to develop everything at the same time, so you are well rounded. Having full body workouts instead of singular body part workouts is better for your metabolism and will help you get ripped


How to become a DJ

Goodmorning everyone! In this article I decided to write some recommendations regarding the best in the world of DJing and explain how to become a DJ respectable professional. You must know that dj not you become from day to day but we need a lot of passion and desire to learn, but above all a lot of patience! I assure you that in a few days you will be called from the main nightclubs Italian or international but with a bit of effort and willpower you can create you your own style and perhaps begin to move among different clubs in your area to get one day to play in a real and its own disco. The figure of the dj nowadays is in high demand in the local and I am sure that in your area there is at least one bar or at least a disco pub which organizes evenings and this is your chance to showcase your passion for music! You just have to take courage and take this amazing journey! It will not be easy, but with time you’ll get good results and it’ll go really proud.

That said, we now turn to the list of 5 steps to follow that will explain how to become a DJ and create your own image.

Step 1: Choose the kind of music that you will play in the club :

And ‘necessary to choose first of all on what range of songs you want your focus to give a sharp picture of the club and the persons going to play music during the evening, and then it will be easier to create you a real niche of people who will want to hear what that mixerai. It ‘important to focus on a genre that you love to play and with whom you can move very well. If you choose a type of songs that you do not feel you will most likely not have fun and you do not know well liven up the evening and all this will lead to a failure of your “career.” However you should always keep with you also other genres to meet the requirements of the evening, and perhaps to give a personal touch to your evenings! Among the major genres played today in the Club are: House (including electro house and commercial house or those you hear on the radio), Deep House, Techno and Minimal, but there are many others including: African, Dustep , Drum’n Bass, Hip hop, and the list goes on.

How to become a DJ










Step 2: Select the software and console (or controller) that you will use for your evenings :

Well once you have chosen the kind of music on which to focus it’s time to go and choose which software and which will use the equipment for your evening. We start from the program: if you want to begin to take their first steps into the world of DJing I suggest you begin by downloading the latest free version of Virtual Dj 8 from the official website. Of course, this software is not the best of professionalism but guarantees you the main functions of mixing including scratch, cue, and some effects. The graphics are very intuitive and learn the basics here is really a walk!

Virtual dj 8

When you are able to do a good mix you can, if desired, switch to a more professional software: Traktor Pro. This too can be purchased directly from the website of Native Instruments at the price of 99 € and I think that is worth it all. Here we are faced with a high-quality software used by the greatest DJ International and can be used on all major operating systems. It offers all the features of which a DJ needs and in my opinion is complete at 360 ° offering every conceivable feature to mix the best of your tracks.Among the more innovative is its ability to add Remix Deck addition to the 2 main deck where you can upload samples or loops that allow a spectacular customization of your tracks or the so-called Live Remix.
If you want to get an idea of what we can offer Traktor watch this short video:

Finally there is another software that is catching on in the world of DJing and Serato DJ purchased on the official website at a $ 129 price. This software has an interface similar to that of Traktor and also in this case we have a great variety of functions that make this program to become one of the best dj!

Well, after choosing the software you are now moving on the equipment and make a choice: buy the best controller or console ? This depends on how much you’re willing to spend. If you do not have a high enough budget I recommend you start with a controller. The clusters controller main functions that we find in the software including: EQ frequency (low, medium and high), cue, in ear monitoring, Browsing folders, effects and much more. I think that to learn a controller is just fine and if you do not know which one to choose I suggest you read my article ” Traktor kontrol s4 mk2 vs. Pioneer ddj left: two comparative controller ” where I talk about two good controller on the market and their characteristics

If you have a good budget you can spend I recommend you to bet on a console complete formed by a multi-channel mixer (at least 2) and 2 CDJ. Obviously the most renowned brand for consoles is the Pioneer offers a wide range of mixers and quality Cdj but are certainly not cheap. I think buying a console of this magnitude is like an investment: if you truly believe in yourself and dream ofbecoming DJs and if you have the chance I recommend you focus on these products because they offer a unique quality and will acquire permeteranno the art of dJing to the bottom. Alternatively you can always focus on products used (they are found in abundance on the main e-commerce including ebay and now ).Other good brands on which to focus are the Numark and Denon offering high quality console.

console Pioneer


Step 3: Buy the songs you are playing in your Dj-set

Now that you have available all the necessary equipment for mixing you can purchase songs to enjoy. I suggest you buy them on the web where you will find many services that will allow the purchase in a simple and intuitive. I prefer Beatport because it allows the Mp3 downloads Excellent quality (320 Kbps) that you can immediately use the software by inserting it directly into the library. In my opinion is the main portal of DJs from around the world and here you can find all the most popular songs and not of internationally renowned artists. Also the songs are divided by genre and you can find every kind for the ranking of best-selling tracks at the time. An alternative is iTunes, which is an application where you can buy all tracks at an affordable price ($ 0.99 or 1.29 $) and you will be able to turn them in the format you prefer grace the codec integrated into the program.


Step 4: Agreement with SIAE

How to become an official manner dj? One of the most important steps is to enter into the contract with the siamese to play songs protected by copyright and therefore I advise you strongly to do so. To complete the form you just go on the site of the SIAE and go to the section Deejay Online and the subscription has the following costs:
– up to 2,000 working copies = € 200.00 + 10.00 administrative fee + VAT = € 254.10
– up to 5,000 working copies = € 400.00 + 10.00 rights secretarial + VAT = € 496.10
– more than 5,000 working copies = € 600.00 + 10.00 rights secretarial + VAT = € 738.10

To set me is fine the first option, ie up to 2,000 working copies.You must then draw up the packing list or the list of the songs that you play in a given evening so that the SIAE retribuisca, withroyalties, the authors of these songs. This is done you will be guaranteed by a “contract” that will allow you to play in different clubs. This stage is very important and will ” turn ” in a professional DJ to all effects!

Step 5: Promote yourself online and in the various local

Now that you have everything you need, fatitita comes the question: how to become a DJ and begin playing in clubs? First of all you should create you a page on major social including Facebook , Google + , Soundcloud , Twitter , Youtube , Instagram and others. Without this you can begin to create your mix  that you can upload to Online DJ Guide and your demo to send to several of your local area, to build yourself your own “style” and bring others, publicizing the event on the web or even in countries nearby, in a special evening, and you’ll see that the owner of the premises will be happy and satisfied and most likely will call you in the future to organize more events. Also you can create you a real website and a logo with your stage name . If you are not very practical, you can get help from some designer or web master! You will see that with hard work and passion to achieve your goals!

learn to DJ


Here we are! Now that you know how to become DJs  are ready to fulfill your desire to enliven the evenings in clubs all over Italy!Good luck!


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I remind you that you can consult the section of the music charts that will help you choose the best pieces for your evenings!

Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

benefits of ergonomic chairs

Office chairs are designed to leave unnoticed as many people move during work. These movements ensure that the user continues to feel fit and prevents relaxation of the musculature and stagnation of the bloodstream. Advantages of Ergonomic office chairs are:

  • Ergonomic office chairs support the movements that makes the body, forcing the body does not adapt to the chair.
  • Ergonomic office chairs activate the body in contrast to static seats which make it lazy body, resulting in weaker muscles, lesser blood flow, poor posture, and ultimately back pain.

But a good ergonomic office chairs is a tricky business. There are several seating concepts, each with their own characteristics and qualities. We want to assist you with making the right choice. On this page we will briefly discuss the different seating concepts in order to explain the differences between the various systems and to simplify your choice. By giving presentations and providing pilot seats we give you the tools to determine the right choice.

Office chairs with a synchronous mechanism, the successor to the office chairs with a “permanent contact” system. With permanent contact chairs was the seat fixed and only moved to the back of the chair. For the user, this was not a nice feeling because the feeling was falling backwards.The case of seats with a synchronous mechanism, the seat back moves backward and tilts the seat part in a ratio of 2: 1. Because tilts the seat part the user has less to fall backwards, and the feeling of seating concept as this is more pleasant experience so that the tendency less rapidly with these seats is present to affix the backrest. We have in the segment “Synchronous mechanism” chosen Klöber and Girsberger because of good quality, the wide range and good design.

Ergonomic Office Chair features “Balanced Movement Mechanism”.

HAG of Norway is the manufacturer who invented the “Balanced Movement Mechanism”.

This concept is more dynamic than the synchronous mechanism because these office chairs move the whole body. The movement always starts from the feet, making the blood circulation is stimulated and the body remains in better condition. The movement of this chair is most consistent with the movement in a rocking chair. The backrest and seat are located at a fixed angle relative to each other. Advantages of this mechanism are:

  • easy adjustment
  • Promotes next move
  • Dynamic is so good for the energy system
  • Always a good attitude

Find more info at